Grenoble, October 25th, 2021 – Piksel eMotion Digital Signage to increase productivity.

Piksel eMotion is now able to connect to your ERP / MRP system and can collect data to be (automatically) conditioned and broadcasted on signage screens.

Why would Digital Signage improve your productivity?

Track and control processes and resources

Update automatically KPIs and other relevant data to keep your workforce informed, e.g. on procurement status, production progress and demand, and similar data. This way it is possible to control single production steps which will help to optimize the entire manufacturing process.


Recognize individuals, teams and the entire staff

With broadcasting achievements for individuals, teams and/or the entire staff you can motivate and create a positive competitive environment at all staff levels.

Show real-time updates and announcements

Need to “spread the word” quickly?
Announce your message on signage screens and your staff will talk about it!

Reinforce health and safety measures

Remind staff periodically on important safety measures to reduce the number of accidents, to reduce the sickness absence rate and to increase the staff comfort level. As a result, the motivation of your workforce will increase, and so will the results of your business.

Safety First

Connect the office and the factory floor

Sharing information relevant for both, employees located in offices and the ones working at the production floor, will bring them closer together as they learn more about “the other half” of the company. The creation of a “corporate community” will increase the cohesion of the workforce.

Best practice on the fly

You’ve just spotted a mistake on a production process. Take a photo of the defect, and broadcast it to everyone, incl. corrective information. A simple and easy way to improve workflows and to increase quality standards on your production floor.

Please contact us at emotion(at) or just call to learn how we can specifically help you to increase your productivity.

Grenoble, November 18th, 2020 – Air Quality Indication on Digital Signage Screens will now be possible using Piksel eMotion. 

Why is this important now?

The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) level of indoor rooms or buildings, which are used by humans (e.g. office rooms, classrooms, break rooms, event halls etc) is an indication if air is exhausted and needs to be renewed. Exchanging the exhausted air with fresh air is highly recommended not only for a better work or learn environment, but will also reduce the risk of virus spreading and therefore, reduce the infection risk like for the flu or SARS-CoV-2!


How does it work?

A CO2 sensor connected to the Digital Signage player and located in the environment you want to monitor, will provide the respective CO2 level information.  The user has the choice to either broadcast the bare sensor reading or better, the reading triggers specific content that will be broadcasted, for example to recommend opening the window as air quality has decreased.

Figure 1 – Example of screen broadcast

What is needed?

Any standard Piksel eMotion player (Windows OS) will work.  The CO2 sensor plugs via USB to the player. The sensor can be mounted easily as it is small and lightweight. We will support you for the configuration.

Figure 2 – CO2 Sensor with USB connector


To learn more, please contact us at emotion(at) or just call.

Grenoble, June 8th, 2020 – Piksel offers the free Digital Signage package Freemium.

Speak to your audience using state-of-the-art technology and forget paper and prints!

  • Update your message as often as you like at ZERO cost
  • Use animations and video to attract more viewers
  • For your shop, your business, your organization, your club …

    … or your restaurant.

Piksel offers a professional, cloud based Digital Signage system incl.:

  • 500 MB media library
  • 10 media templates
  • weather feed
  • 1 RSS/Twitter feed

What is required from your side:  Web browser or screen with integrated browser.


Contact freemium(at) if you have any questions.
Click here to sign up for a free account.

Grenoble, May 26th, 2020 – Digital Signage supports return of workforce to proper workplaces.

Does your management plan to have your workforce returning onsite?
And do you think about how to best communicate new and/or changed policies to your employees?
… how to behave in-house areas
… where to find disinfection materials
… how to show new or changed layout of office/work areas
… what is allowed and what is not allowed
… how to conduct on-site meetings
… etc.

Using Digital Signage technology, you will ease the communication to your workforce:

  1. Update your communication on the fly, from any browser, at ZERO cost.
  2. Virtualize changed floor layouts and use animated signposting to enforce new distance rules using preconfigured templates.
  3. Use graphics and video tutorials to demonstrate how to behave, how to perform new disinfection procedures.
  4. Communicate fast: Screens will show updated content within seconds, if needed.
  5. Communicate effectively: The use of digital screens showing variable (moving) content will grab the attention of your audience. It draws significantly more eyeballs compared to conventional (paper) signage.

Contact us at emotion(at) to learn more about the advantages of Digital Signage for corporate communications.

Grenoble, April 22nd, 2020 – Business Update from Piksel Digital Signage Group.

In this difficult period, we’d like to use the opportunity to encourage our customers, our suppliers and other business partners to stay focussed and to remain optimistic for the time to come. If we are all following the rules, staying apart and letting the recommended hygiene measures become routine, we will overcome this crisis and will get back to a ‘reasonable normality’, eventually. And we have not to forget that this is not a sprint, but rather a marathon!

Support Team message

The Piksel eMotion support team currently consists of 4 heads, all working from home to help not just our Digital Signage customers and users, but also help to not spread the Corona virus further due to unnecessary contacts.
We notice that Digital Signage for internal communication is now predominantly used to advise employees on how to behave and to proclaim the employers updated code of conducts and the dos and don’ts.
You will reach the Piksel eMotion support team at support-ds(at) or at +33 4 58 00 36 90.

New features for June release

Despite the situation, we are continuing the further development of Piksel eMotion and plan the next feature release in June. The most interesting items to come, from a user’s perspective:

  • Countdown and Chronometer objects allowed to be used in slides, so clients can now for example automatically publish a message like “Today we’ve reached XX days without accident, thank you all for following the safety measures!”
  • Room booking module will now synch with MS Exchange for our SaaS clients, allowing automated updates right after entries/changes in MS Outlook for example
  • Content of the day feature allows to publish a new entertaining message automatically every day, helping the editors to focus on their core messages and not spending too much time on curating the accompanying messages
  • Feed blacklisting capability allows to filter any feed to avoid unwanted messaging to the audience

We will release more details on this very next release shortly.

Tips and tricks for the daily work with Piksel eMotion

With the use of broadcast conditions you can publish content depending on the weather forecast.
For example, if today’s forecast expects rain in the afternoon, you can remind your viewers not to forget their umbrellas or even advertise umbrellas that you are selling.

Did you know … Intro to Piksel Group

The Piksel Digital Signage team is part of Piksel’s Broadcast and Media (B&M) division, which in turn is part of the Piksel Group.

Piksel B&M designs, builds, develops and manages video solutions like Online Video Platforms, and Over-The-Top (OTT) products for the broadcast media industry. For 20+ years, Piksel delivers world first solutions for some of the world’s largest media companies, like Liberty Global, Channel 4, Sky Germany, MEDIASET, RTL and others.

The Piksel Group companies provide various products for different market verticals:

  • Piksel Carelink: Managed Networks and Infrastructure for Healthcare.
  • Piksel Retail: Innovative products to the Digital Retail market. Goal is to streamline IT and to accelerate business growth.
  • The Voyage Team: Mobile Apps, Chatbots, iFIDS, Smart Voice Solutions, Journey Planner, Parking Management systems etc primarily for the transportation industry.
  • the digital sense team: Focussing on customer satisfaction within the telco industry, supporting businesses in improving the customer journey through content strategy and technology consulting activities.
  • Piksel Brainpower: Innovative solutions, that achieve better outcomes and value, by leveraging Brainpower’s core capabilities around content management, self-care solutions, public cloud migrations and support solutions to government and public sector clients.
  • Piksel Foundry: Provides expert professional services, delivered by small, agile teams, that enable start-ups and enterprising businesses to deliver innovative projects – maximising opportunities for growth and technical advantage.

Grenoble, March 20th, 2020 – Crisis Communication using Piksel Digital Signage.

The outbreak of the Corona virus end of 2019 certainly has changed the world. Nothing is like before for us here in Europe as the physical contact from human to human has to be avoided as much as possible. As a result, public life has stopped. Bars, restaurants, shops, sports clubs etc. remain closed, shows and events are cancelled and work life is shifted to the home of the employees, where ever possible.

For an employer it now becomes even more important to keep up the communication path with both, the present and even more the remote workforce. As conventional Digital Signage for internal communication is still effective for those holding presence at their regular workplace, it will lose its effectiveness for employees not being present at work campuses. Our Digital Signage solution Piksel eMotion does offer the ability to convert your entire broadcast channel into a so-called WebTV. The viewer will just need to receive a link, which he/she then can view in a browser of any connected device, like laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

This LINK is a brief example of such a WebTV channel. The content has been built with Piksel eMotion. Instead of assigning the channel to a regular player that would use a TV screen or professional signage monitor for the broadcast, the channel will be assigned to a WebTV device, which has been set-up beforehand with just a few clicks.

If you want to learn more about the use of Piksel eMotion especially for crisis communication, please contact us at or call us. You’ll find the appropriate phone number here, depending on your location.

Keep distance and stay healthy!
Your Piksel team.


Grenoble, February 11th, 2020 – Piksel exhibits at Solutions RH 2020 in Paris.
For the first time, the Piksel Digital Signage team will participate on the Human Resource Show Solution RH from September 22nd to 24th, 2020 at Paris EXPO Porte de Versailles.

The show is aimed at professionals from HR management, talent and performance management, consultancy, training and e-learning as well as social protection and welfare.

Our team will explain capabilities and latest features of the Digital Signage platform Piksel eMotion to demonstrate the benefits of this versatile communication tool to the audience.

If you are interested in learning about our product, please prearrange a meeting under +33 4 58 00 36 90 or
We are looking forward to meeting you in Paris.

For more information please visit

More about Piksel Broadcast&Media.
More about Piksel Group.

Grenoble, December 11, 2019 – Piksel eMotion powers for LE FIL ROUGE. is an innovative and unprecedented project initiated by the association LE FIL ROUGE and several other organizations caring about impaired people.

The association LE FIL ROUGE was founded in 2017 and is located in the department of Isère in the southeast of France. It continues the audio-visual activities of the association REPÉRAGES AUDIOVISUEL, established more than 20 years ago.

The association is helping to improve knowledge and understanding of our actual world and society by supporting creativity and expression. It is producing documentaries or movies for institutional communication and participates in the development of citizenship, critical thinking, social connection and humanistic values.

“Piksel is proud in supporting the ambitious project by providing its Digital Signage solution Piksel eMotion to LE FIL ROUGE.” comments Jean-Paul Rizzi, Deployment and After Sales Service Manager at Piksel. “Screens will be installed where impaired people work and live, content broadcast and operation can be centrally and/or locally controlled, depending on the actual needs.”

And Michel Szempruch, creative director of LE FIL ROUGE adds: “ engages people with disabilities all year round according to their level and capacity, showcasing their production directly on the interconnected screen network. It sets them in motion in their environment with objectives of socialization, cognitive maintenance, expression, citizenship, learning and acquisition of skills and dietetics. It gathers people’s work from multiple institutions. broadcasts continuously on screens installed in the living areas (lobby, cafeteria entrance, staff room, etc.) and it’s a tool to enlight these places. It is accessible directly by the residents of the facilities or the visitors.”

LE FIL ROUGE selected Piksel because of its long-lasting experience as Digital Signage market key player. Piksel eMotion is a cloud based, fully web-controlled solution, capable of supporting the broadcast of high-quality content in different formats and styles (images, videos, slides, feeds etc).

The strength of Piksel eMotion is its ease of use, its flexibility and the possibility to automate the integration of social platforms’ content, news feeds, traffic and more, enabling the customer to create a 360-degree TV channel with a modern look and feel.

“It is a great achievement for us to begin this new collaboration with LE FIL ROUGE” Rizzi completes. “Our commitment for the next weeks will be to deliver our solution on time to satisfy our new customer’s expectations. We are confident that it will be the beginning of a long-lasting partnership.”

Visit to learn more about LE FIL ROUGE.

Visit discover more about our Piksel eMotion.

Grenoble, September 10, 2019 – Piksel is constantly aimed at providing their customers with latest features the industry has to offer combined with the best possible user experience.

Video Cut: With the September release the user can now select a defined portion of the video for his broadcast. This avoids the additional step of pre-cutting the video to the desired timestamps beforehand. Yet, the video will be fully uploaded to and will remain fully available in the Media Library in case of changes required afterwards.

QR Code: The console now offers a QR code generator. Using this function, the user can simply enter a URL and a corresponding QR code can be broadcasted, which then can link to a place providing more detailed information to the viewing audience.

Conditional content broadcasting: This new function allows to set specific operating conditions to a media, not only according to the date, the week day, the time, but also depending on weather conditions and temperatures.


Further to this, the console now also supports German as an additional language.
In addition to the use of Internet Explorer®, also Chrome can now be optionally used to display webpages.

Piksel is attending the Digital Signage Summit Europe in Munich on 3-4th July


Customer Centricity in the Age of Personalisation, Experiences and AI

Digital Signage Summit Europe (DSS) is Europe’s leading strategy conference for the Digital Signage and Digital out of Home industry. Alongside presentations and workshops, the main focus of the conference is networking. This year’s DSS is back at the Hilton Munich Airport, which offers more space now that the hotel has been extended. This summer DSS Europe will focus on Digital Signage from the Users’ Perspective (Customer Centricity).

Piksel participe au Digital Signage Summit Europe qui se tiendra à Munich les 3 et 4 juillet prochains.


L’orientation client à l’ère de la personnalisation, des expériences et de l’intelligence artificielle

Le Digital Signage Summit Europe (DSS) est la principale conférence européenne sur la stratégie pour le secteur de l’affichage dynamique. En plus des présentations et des ateliers, la conférence est axée sur le networking. Le DSS de cette année est de retour à l’hôtel Hilton Munich Airport, qui offre plus d’espace maintenant que l’hôtel a été agrandi. Cet été, DSS Europe se concentrera sur la signalisation numérique du point de vue des utilisateurs (Customer Centricity).

Digital Signage Summit Europe