Piksel eMotion Digital Signage to increase productivity

Grenoble, October 25th, 2021 – Piksel eMotion Digital Signage to increase productivity.

Piksel eMotion is now able to connect to your ERP / MRP system and can collect data to be (automatically) conditioned and broadcasted on signage screens.

Why would Digital Signage improve your productivity?

Track and control processes and resources

Update automatically KPIs and other relevant data to keep your workforce informed, e.g. on procurement status, production progress and demand, and similar data. This way it is possible to control single production steps which will help to optimize the entire manufacturing process.


Recognize individuals, teams and the entire staff

With broadcasting achievements for individuals, teams and/or the entire staff you can motivate and create a positive competitive environment at all staff levels.

Show real-time updates and announcements

Need to “spread the word” quickly?
Announce your message on signage screens and your staff will talk about it!

Reinforce health and safety measures

Remind staff periodically on important safety measures to reduce the number of accidents, to reduce the sickness absence rate and to increase the staff comfort level. As a result, the motivation of your workforce will increase, and so will the results of your business.

Safety First

Connect the office and the factory floor

Sharing information relevant for both, employees located in offices and the ones working at the production floor, will bring them closer together as they learn more about “the other half” of the company. The creation of a “corporate community” will increase the cohesion of the workforce.

Best practice on the fly

You’ve just spotted a mistake on a production process. Take a photo of the defect, and broadcast it to everyone, incl. corrective information. A simple and easy way to improve workflows and to increase quality standards on your production floor.

Please contact us at emotion(at)piksel.com or just call to learn how we can specifically help you to increase your productivity.