Digital Signage helps to reduce COVID-19 infection risks

Grenoble, November 18th, 2020 – Air Quality Indication on Digital Signage Screens will now be possible using Piksel eMotion. 

Why is this important now?

The Carbon Dioxide (CO2) level of indoor rooms or buildings, which are used by humans (e.g. office rooms, classrooms, break rooms, event halls etc) is an indication if air is exhausted and needs to be renewed. Exchanging the exhausted air with fresh air is highly recommended not only for a better work or learn environment, but will also reduce the risk of virus spreading and therefore, reduce the infection risk like for the flu or SARS-CoV-2!


How does it work?

A CO2 sensor connected to the Digital Signage player and located in the environment you want to monitor, will provide the respective CO2 level information.  The user has the choice to either broadcast the bare sensor reading or better, the reading triggers specific content that will be broadcasted, for example to recommend opening the window as air quality has decreased.

Figure 1 – Example of screen broadcast

What is needed?

Any standard Piksel eMotion player (Windows OS) will work.  The CO2 sensor plugs via USB to the player. The sensor can be mounted easily as it is small and lightweight. We will support you for the configuration.

Figure 2 – CO2 Sensor with USB connector


To learn more, please contact us at emotion(at) or just call.