Digital Signage supports return of workforce

Grenoble, May 26th, 2020 – Digital Signage supports return of workforce to proper workplaces.

Does your management plan to have your workforce returning onsite?
And do you think about how to best communicate new and/or changed policies to your employees?
… how to behave in-house areas
… where to find disinfection materials
… how to show new or changed layout of office/work areas
… what is allowed and what is not allowed
… how to conduct on-site meetings
… etc.

Using Digital Signage technology, you will ease the communication to your workforce:

  1. Update your communication on the fly, from any browser, at ZERO cost.
  2. Virtualize changed floor layouts and use animated signposting to enforce new distance rules using preconfigured templates.
  3. Use graphics and video tutorials to demonstrate how to behave, how to perform new disinfection procedures.
  4. Communicate fast: Screens will show updated content within seconds, if needed.
  5. Communicate effectively: The use of digital screens showing variable (moving) content will grab the attention of your audience. It draws significantly more eyeballs compared to conventional (paper) signage.

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