News from Piksel Digital Signage Team

Grenoble, April 22nd, 2020 – Business Update from Piksel Digital Signage Group.

In this difficult period, we’d like to use the opportunity to encourage our customers, our suppliers and other business partners to stay focussed and to remain optimistic for the time to come. If we are all following the rules, staying apart and letting the recommended hygiene measures become routine, we will overcome this crisis and will get back to a ‘reasonable normality’, eventually. And we have not to forget that this is not a sprint, but rather a marathon!

Support Team message

The Piksel eMotion support team currently consists of 4 heads, all working from home to help not just our Digital Signage customers and users, but also help to not spread the Corona virus further due to unnecessary contacts.
We notice that Digital Signage for internal communication is now predominantly used to advise employees on how to behave and to proclaim the employers updated code of conducts and the dos and don’ts.
You will reach the Piksel eMotion support team at support-ds(at) or at +33 4 58 00 36 90.

New features for June release

Despite the situation, we are continuing the further development of Piksel eMotion and plan the next feature release in June. The most interesting items to come, from a user’s perspective:

  • Countdown and Chronometer objects allowed to be used in slides, so clients can now for example automatically publish a message like “Today we’ve reached XX days without accident, thank you all for following the safety measures!”
  • Room booking module will now synch with MS Exchange for our SaaS clients, allowing automated updates right after entries/changes in MS Outlook for example
  • Content of the day feature allows to publish a new entertaining message automatically every day, helping the editors to focus on their core messages and not spending too much time on curating the accompanying messages
  • Feed blacklisting capability allows to filter any feed to avoid unwanted messaging to the audience

We will release more details on this very next release shortly.

Tips and tricks for the daily work with Piksel eMotion

With the use of broadcast conditions you can publish content depending on the weather forecast.
For example, if today’s forecast expects rain in the afternoon, you can remind your viewers not to forget their umbrellas or even advertise umbrellas that you are selling.

Did you know … Intro to Piksel Group

The Piksel Digital Signage team is part of Piksel’s Broadcast and Media (B&M) division, which in turn is part of the Piksel Group.

Piksel B&M designs, builds, develops and manages video solutions like Online Video Platforms, and Over-The-Top (OTT) products for the broadcast media industry. For 20+ years, Piksel delivers world first solutions for some of the world’s largest media companies, like Liberty Global, Channel 4, Sky Germany, MEDIASET, RTL and others.

The Piksel Group companies provide various products for different market verticals:

  • Piksel Carelink: Managed Networks and Infrastructure for Healthcare.
  • Piksel Retail: Innovative products to the Digital Retail market. Goal is to streamline IT and to accelerate business growth.
  • The Voyage Team: Mobile Apps, Chatbots, iFIDS, Smart Voice Solutions, Journey Planner, Parking Management systems etc primarily for the transportation industry.
  • the digital sense team: Focussing on customer satisfaction within the telco industry, supporting businesses in improving the customer journey through content strategy and technology consulting activities.
  • Piksel Brainpower: Innovative solutions, that achieve better outcomes and value, by leveraging Brainpower’s core capabilities around content management, self-care solutions, public cloud migrations and support solutions to government and public sector clients.
  • Piksel Foundry: Provides expert professional services, delivered by small, agile teams, that enable start-ups and enterprising businesses to deliver innovative projects – maximising opportunities for growth and technical advantage.