Crisis Communication using Piksel Digital Signage

Grenoble, March 20th, 2020 – Crisis Communication using Piksel Digital Signage.

The outbreak of the Corona virus end of 2019 certainly has changed the world. Nothing is like before for us here in Europe as the physical contact from human to human has to be avoided as much as possible. As a result, public life has stopped. Bars, restaurants, shops, sports clubs etc. remain closed, shows and events are cancelled and work life is shifted to the home of the employees, where ever possible.

For an employer it now becomes even more important to keep up the communication path with both, the present and even more the remote workforce. As conventional Digital Signage for internal communication is still effective for those holding presence at their regular workplace, it will lose its effectiveness for employees not being present at work campuses. Our Digital Signage solution Piksel eMotion does offer the ability to convert your entire broadcast channel into a so-called WebTV. The viewer will just need to receive a link, which he/she then can view in a browser of any connected device, like laptop, mobile phone or tablet.

This LINK is a brief example of such a WebTV channel. The content has been built with Piksel eMotion. Instead of assigning the channel to a regular player that would use a TV screen or professional signage monitor for the broadcast, the channel will be assigned to a WebTV device, which has been set-up beforehand with just a few clicks.

If you want to learn more about the use of Piksel eMotion especially for crisis communication, please contact us at or call us. You’ll find the appropriate phone number here, depending on your location.

Keep distance and stay healthy!
Your Piksel team.