Piksel powers MAG.tv for LE FIL ROUGE

Grenoble, December 11, 2019 – Piksel eMotion powers MAG.tv for LE FIL ROUGE.

MAG.tv is an innovative and unprecedented project initiated by the association LE FIL ROUGE and several other organizations caring about impaired people.

The association LE FIL ROUGE was founded in 2017 and is located in the department of Isère in the southeast of France. It continues the audio-visual activities of the association REPÉRAGES AUDIOVISUEL, established more than 20 years ago.

The association is helping to improve knowledge and understanding of our actual world and society by supporting creativity and expression. It is producing documentaries or movies for institutional communication and participates in the development of citizenship, critical thinking, social connection and humanistic values.

“Piksel is proud in supporting the ambitious MAG.tv project by providing its Digital Signage solution Piksel eMotion to LE FIL ROUGE.” comments Jean-Paul Rizzi, Deployment and After Sales Service Manager at Piksel. “Screens will be installed where impaired people work and live, content broadcast and operation can be centrally and/or locally controlled, depending on the actual needs.”

And Michel Szempruch, creative director of LE FIL ROUGE adds: “MAG.tv engages people with disabilities all year round according to their level and capacity, showcasing their production directly on the interconnected screen network. It sets them in motion in their environment with objectives of socialization, cognitive maintenance, expression, citizenship, learning and acquisition of skills and dietetics. It gathers people’s work from multiple institutions. MAG.tv broadcasts continuously on screens installed in the living areas (lobby, cafeteria entrance, staff room, etc.) and it’s a tool to enlight these places. It is accessible directly by the residents of the facilities or the visitors.”

LE FIL ROUGE selected Piksel because of its long-lasting experience as Digital Signage market key player. Piksel eMotion is a cloud based, fully web-controlled solution, capable of supporting the broadcast of high-quality content in different formats and styles (images, videos, slides, feeds etc).

The strength of Piksel eMotion is its ease of use, its flexibility and the possibility to automate the integration of social platforms’ content, news feeds, traffic and more, enabling the customer to create a 360-degree TV channel with a modern look and feel.

“It is a great achievement for us to begin this new collaboration with LE FIL ROUGE” Rizzi completes. “Our commitment for the next weeks will be to deliver our solution on time to satisfy our new customer’s expectations. We are confident that it will be the beginning of a long-lasting partnership.”

Visit https://lefilrouge.org/ to learn more about LE FIL ROUGE.

Visit https://emotion.piksel.com/to discover more about our Piksel eMotion.