New features released

Grenoble, September 10, 2019 – Piksel is constantly aimed at providing their customers with latest features the industry has to offer combined with the best possible user experience.

Video Cut: With the September release the user can now select a defined portion of the video for his broadcast. This avoids the additional step of pre-cutting the video to the desired timestamps beforehand. Yet, the video will be fully uploaded to and will remain fully available in the Media Library in case of changes required afterwards.

QR Code: The console now offers a QR code generator. Using this function, the user can simply enter a URL and a corresponding QR code can be broadcasted, which then can link to a place providing more detailed information to the viewing audience.

Conditional content broadcasting: This new function allows to set specific operating conditions to a media, not only according to the date, the week day, the time, but also depending on weather conditions and temperatures.


Further to this, the console now also supports German as an additional language.
In addition to the use of Internet Explorer®, also Chrome can now be optionally used to display webpages.